Multimedia artist and musician Allan Pichardo is My Love MHz.

My Love MHz lives in New York City and creates understated, minimal electronic music that is equally influenced by modern digital culture as it is by Krautrock and Berlin-school electronic artists of the 70's. It is founded on the idea that even in the precise, cold, calculative world of computer music, tribal rhythms and emotions are undeniably emergent.




EPZERO is a slowly evolving and sometimes intense work that stylistically alludes to early Komische and Berlin-School recordings in its prominent use of process, arpeggiated sequences, and minimal rhythms to generate cosmic soundscapes. Unlike the aforementioned predecessors, the E.P. maintains an emphasis on modern electro, downtempo, and hip hop beats which impart a familiar and contemporary feel to the record. Embracing noise and the punk aesthetic, EPZERO belongs more in the primal end of the spectrum than the seemingly sterile, academic connotations that usually come with this style of music. It was recorded using analog processes in New York City.


0x766 is the year I was born. This track bubbles with ever-changing polyrhythms and low-frequency melodies.


Live at C'mon Everybody in Brooklyn

Floordoor Records Trailer


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New My Love MHz EP

After some time of sitting on this material, I’ve finally decided to package these 4 songs as one cohesive work. Partly because it signifies a particular period in time for the My Love MHz project, but also because the music itself is a product of a specific process. The rest of the material that I […]


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